Suspension Installation

Our company works with top brands that specialize in off-road suspension to make sure you get the best parts there are to offer. Our teams can equip your vehicle with three-link arms with coilovers to leveling kits and everything in between. No job is too big or too small.

Wheels & Tires

Our professionals can install a wide variety of tires for any size wheel or rig, made possible by our brand new, state of the art mount and balance equipment. Looking for offroad beadlocks or mall crawler 22s? Primal 4×4 and fab sells and installs them all in house, along with an exciting lineup or ties. Rest assured all your needs will be met here at our shop.

Gears & Driveline

Our service team is commonly referred to as the “Gear Gurus,” simply because they possess the technical skills required to regear your offroad vehicle. The buck doesn’t stop there; we perform all aspects of axle and driveline services including but not limited to trusses, axle shafts, gears, the list goes on.

Repair & Maintenance

Everyone everywhere needs the essentials: brakes, wiper blades, fluid and oil changes, filters, but not all shops are created equal. With our one of a kind service and fair pricing you can be sure you can trust Primal 4×4 with your wheels.

Overlanding Packages

Take your off-roader places it’s never been before. We offer all the latest and greatest overland equipment from brands like Eezi-Awn, Redarc, 23Zero, Front Runner Outfitters, National Luna, LFD Offroad and many more. We get you ready for adventure, wherever it may be.

Bumpers, Armor, Sliders

Whether your goal is to be aesthetically pleasing or be able to endure whatever terrain is thrown it’s way, we have you covered. Need some new steel? We have that. What about aluminum? We have that too. Outfit your ride with armor, fenders, bumpers, sliders, tire carriers and more.

Steering Upgrades & Installation

Wobble, shimmy, tank-slapper, speed wobble, and even death wobble are all words and phrases you won’t hear down at Primal 4×4. We specialize in fitting new stabilizers, full steering kids, custom linkages, and track bars so you’ll always know you’re protected.

LED Lighting Sales & Installation

Light the way with a new light bar, LED pods or whatever your heart desires. We will get you equipped with to light up the road or trail like the Fourth of July.

Accessory Sales & Installations

Here at Primal 4×4 we don’t discriminate; no matter if you’re riding around in a truck or SUV we can get any and all the parts you could ever dream of. If you want it, we can get it. We are truly your One Stop Shop for all your offroading needs.