Truck Modifications in Charlotte, NCAre you thinking about taking your truck off road? Before you start, consider making the following modifications to your vehicle:

  • Tires – One of the easiest and most efficient ways to upgrade your truck for off-road adventures is to update your tires. It is vital that you find a set of tires with a deep tread that will be able to get a grip on sand, snow, mud, and other issues.
  • Lift Kits – While off-roading, you need to make sure that you will have enough room under your vehicle to drive over hills, fallen trees, and other troublesome debris. There are a wide variety of lift kits available that can lift your truck up and allow you to drive right over any obstacle.
  • Custom Bumpers – There are many ways you can update your bumper to get the most out of your off-road driving experience. You can invest in a winch on your bumper to get you out of complicated situations or request a bull bar to allow you to plow through the woods without damaging your car.

Take your vehicle to the next level when you come to Primal 4×4 and Fab. We are happy to assist you with truck modifications in Charlotte, NC.